"Oscarcasting" talent Agency has established an outstanding reputation for providing experienced professional actors to the entertainment industry.
Run by professionals, for actors, "Oscarcasting" is recognised by directors, casting directors and producers alike, as one of the premiere league agencies of its kind in Russia.
Our actual base of Russian actors will always help you to find the best talents for theatre, films and TV shows.
You can always contact us in english language.
We help directors and producers to find talent and upcoming names from all over Russia for their next film-(co)-production. Inspiring them with great casting opportunities and the right combination for their movie: a balance between the right support for the dramaturgy, budget and the right name to get additional funding if necessary. Providing the best support during the casting process and helping to build a bridge between the actors and producers.
METHOD We find the characters through actors, extras, former sportsmen and army men, by checking the agencies, the acting schools, our personal network and by doing street casting. We organize and run the castings. We can cast in studio or on location with acting partners. The castings are filmed from different angles and can be edited to match the original scen. If requested, we can provide actors support and coaching.
DATABASE. CVs and electronic records including portfolio, professional education, singing skills, physical training, knowledge of foreign languages, success experience in movies and theatre, special skills (vocalists, dancers, circus performers, stunt performers etc.). The casting base is updated daily. Not only filmmakers use our base, but a large number of advertising agencies and independent studios as well

By pushing "Our actors" button above you can find the interesting person, save his photo and contact us. We will immediately reply you with the translation of his/her CV.